Kodak Lenses

In 2007, the world famous kodak lens company approached scher and marks opticians and asked them to become one of their centres of excellence. They wanted to combine our nearly half a century of ophthalmic knowledge with their over one hundred years of lens making expertise and technology. What this means is that we can offer our patients the most comfortable , most technologically  advanced lenses that are on the  market but most importantly, at the most affordable prices possible, all the while using kodaks expert knowledge to deliver the best product to our patients.
Other lenses :

Although we are a kodak centre of excellence, we still, if required by the patient, fit lenses from some of the best known companies in the world, including rodenstock and essilor.
While u wait service :

We understand that some patients love using the same frame again but are worried that they will be without their glasses for a certain amount of time if they do, but because scher and marks have onsight glazing facilities, we can make your glasses within half an hour for you. All you have to do is take a seat, listen to some music, and if you're really lucky, we'll even make you a cup of tea.