Scher and Marks ; a brief history :-
Scher and marks opticians began its original incarnation as Edmonton opticians and was opened in Hertford road, Edmonton, in 1968 by husband and wife Bernard and Jacqueline scher. The Schers then relocated to 10, north mall, Edmonton green in 1972 and edmonton opticians was amongst the first batch of shops to be built in the shopping centre and indeed was inhabited by the Schers whilst the shopping centre was being built around them.
In 1972,  Russell Scher, (Fado mfdo)  bernards son, joined the firm making it a continuous family business,  and indeed added to the great reputation that Bernard had started for the family.
Darren marks then joined the firm in 1989, so three generations of the same family were now working together,  and  he studied under the tutelage of Mr. Bernard Scher.
Jamie marks then also joined the firm in 1993 and both brothers worked for many years under the guidance of Mr Bernard Scher, their grandfather.
Bernard Scher sadly passed away in 2010.
Jacqueline and Bernie believed in four basic guiding principles to running a successful practice :
Good service, good attitude, good products and good prices, something, to this day, many decades after its formation, that scher and marks still strive to emulate.
Our philosophy :
At scher and marks we want to give our patients the broadest range of frames possible, with hundreds of free frames for under 16's and also patients with nhs entitlement, all the way up to the best known designer names, and everything in between